Departure in the morning to the eastern part of Slovenia to visit treasury of the millenniums – Ptuj. We will enjoy exploring Slovenia’s oldest town and the wonderful views from the Castle above. It is also famous for the mighty event Kurenti Festival in the Carnival season with its original Slovene masqueraders. The nearby villagers on the rural tourism will invite you to taste domestic food.

The pilgrimage Church of the Holy Mother is located on a hill with a view above the Ptujsko plain. There are not many pilgrimage churches in Europe with the Virgin Mary opening her mantle of mercy so generously.

Eastern Slovenian wine-growing region produces premium white wines, full of flower and fruit aromas with pleasant, refreshing acid strongly prevail. In Ljutomer-Ormož wine region you will hear more about their products. In wine cellar you will taste some excellent wines followed by tasteful dinner.