Kozorog is a Slovene word for Capricorn

State hunting reserve in Slovenia with the special purpose KOZOROG KAMNIK was founded about sixty years ago. It has the best preserved highlands and mountains habitats and it is one of the best biodiverse and preserved natural heritage. It stretches from the Western Karawanks through Kamnik-Savinja Alps to Logarska Valley. It’s ranging from 400 m (1,300 ft) to over 2,500 m (8,200 ft) above the sea level. It is located approximately 15-20 km from Ljubljana Brnik airport and around 30 km from the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana.

The photography tour can be organized regardless of physical condition of guest. It can be done from the hills to the highest mountains. In Slovenian state reserve chamois, roe deer, red deer, mouflon, wild boar and the Alpine ibex, the speciality of the state reserve can be seen. The western capercailye and black grouse are the largest members of the grouse family.

You will be accommodated in family run hotels/inns in the area of Kamnik and capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana. Plentiful and tasty meals will be served by friendly locals. Upon weather and your wishes you can take substitute 1-day tour (included in price) with the visits to the other attractions throughout the country. Slovenia is a country rich not only on the cultural and natural heritage, but also on tasty food. Each region has it’s own specialties in food and excellent wines.